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Undergraduate Tutoring

Our trained tutors help undergraduate students with structure, grammar, punctuation, citation styles and more. We'll teach you strategies and techniques to improve your writing for the long term. Call 940.565.2563 to schedule your appointment, or drop by Sage Hall, Room 152.

Front Row, left to right: Lola George, Sarah Pruitt, Frenci Nguyen, Brooke Reynolds, Allie Lovell

Second Row, left to right: Katie Meyer, Amy Page, Cynthia Garcia, Tommy Nelson, Kyle Barnes, Dominique Campbell

Third Row, left to right: Marissa Weddle, Mariah Hoffman, Cain Miller, Shelbie Boor, Rachele Blick

Fourth Row, left to right: Laura Allen, Nick Thompson, Nicole Friend, Emma Anderson, Ashley Mann, Cade Mason

Fifth Row, left to right: Erin Campbell, Heliana Onomo, Samantha Espinoza, Caddo Lindsey

Sixth Row, left to right: Allyson Jones, Jack Casey, Margo Garrigues, Nicole Neece, Sebastian Barnes

Our Tutors

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Kyle Barnes | Junior--English (Rhetoric & Composition) major

Rachele Blick | Junior--Journalism major

Shelbie Boor | Sophomore--Speech Pathology major

Dominique Campbell | Sophomore--English major

Leta Rebecca Cunningham | Senior--English (Creative Writing) major

Cynthia Garcia | Junior--English & Biology major

Margo Garrigues | Sophomore--Communication Design major

Lola George | Sophomore--Journalism & Kinesiology major

Mariah Hoffman | Sophomore--English major

Allie Lovell | Junior--Psychology major

Ashley Mann | Sophomore--Merchandising & Digital Retail major

Katie Meyer | Junior--English & Media Arts major

Cain Miller | Sophomore--Media Arts major

Nicole Neece | Freshman--English & Theater major

Tom Nelson | Junior--Decision Science major

Frenci Nguyen | Junior--English (Creative Writing) major

Heliana Onomo | Freshman--Psychology major

Amy Page | Sophomore--Psychology major

Sarah Pruitt | Junior--Technical communication major

Our Clerk

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Emma Anderson | Senior--Psychology major

Our Administrative Assistant

Tara Melishkevich, Administrative Specialist IV (click here to go to Ms. Melishkevich's professional profile)

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